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Thread: Let's talk steak for a moment.

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    OMG lol everyone has such intense methods for steak cooking.... maybe it's because of our high quality steak here, but I just chuck mine in the frying pan and eat it without any salt or seasoning!

    Didn't even realise steak cooking was such an art.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by naiadknight View Post
    It may be in your seasonings.
    Bring it to room temperature, then salt the fuck out of it. Salt it until you consider it a salt lick, then add some more. Let it sit on a plate for an hour, still at room temperature. Rinse off the water and the salt and pat dry. Now, pepper your steak, just enough to be visible, not a crust. Blend half a head of garlic with 3 tbsp butter, smear this on the steak and work it all around with the back of a fork. Perforate any large veins of fat with the fork and work some of your garlic butter in there. Apply to your grill (we have it on low under the steak and on medium to either side.) Cook to your taste.

    Nice one naiadknight.

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    God, I really want a steak now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    How do you cook yours? What sort of butter do you use?

    i"m looking for that heavy, rich steakhouse flavor.

    I've tried searing in a cast iron pan as hot as it gets. A gas grill (i'm too impatient for chacoal.)
    I've tried the slow cooking method where you baste it in butter.

    I usually treat with salt and let rest for 1 hr at room temp. Seasoning with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

    It always comes out lacking that certain flavor. And lately, meat has had kind of a wateryness to it that I just don't care for. So I usually end up scooping it up in blue cheese and carmelized onions.

    What do you do?
    Grass fed first. Fatty or superior cut second. Make sure it has sat out on counter for 30-60 minutes minimum third; not fresh from refrigerator. I just can't get flavor easily out of a crappy cut of meat without adulterating it.

    I like the cast iron method: Put dry cast iron pan in oven and preheat to 500 degrees. When heated, pull pan out of oven onto the stove top and plop on the steak (I rub in with oil or ghee lightly). Turn oven down to 400 degrees. Sear 1-2 minutes a side in hot pan (no need to turn on burner) and then put back in oven for several minutes (depends on thickness/bone-in/desired doneness) to finish. Place blob of butter on finished steak after you pull out of oven.

    LET REST before cutting/eating. Rib eye is my favorite by far.

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    For grilling: I prefer over charcoal embers (as opposed to burning fire).
    Baking in the oven: I use similar method as to the Christmas prime-rib one. I arrange steaks in single layer and bake at 475 for about 20-25 min. Then lower temp to 320 and bake for 20 to 30 more minutes depending on the thickness and personal taste for doneness.
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    So many good ideas in here. I think I'm going to be eating a lot of steak.

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    Damn. This entire thread is like reaaaallllyyyy good pron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merryish View Post
    I let mine get to room temp, pat dry, sear on high in a dry pan on both sides for about 2-3 min per side. Then finish off in a 400 degree oven for about 2 min per side. I season with salt and baste with butter after cooking - nothing else. "Recipe" courtesy of Alton Brown, and the steak in question is usually a grass-fed boneless ribeye.

    Comes out fabulous every time. Hmmm, might have one tonight. a sprinkle of Montreal Steak Spice, and letting it rest for a few minutes before cutting into it. Or on the grill its the same sear on both sides, then off the direct heat (but under the closed lid) to finish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    Cori +1

    Garbage in Garbage out

    Steak houses use top of the line CAFO meat

    what are you using

    we are grass fed in our house... now steakhouse steak tastes like shit

    this is a biased opinion. steakhouses use the best dry aged meat and have much more superior methods of cooking than you could ever get at you house. plus more fat is more flavorin the restaurant business. grass-fed steaks cost way too much. I'll stick with my grain fattened beef until I can one day afford to buy a side of a grass-fed cow. Obviously, the nutritional value is superior. Lemon lavender sounds pretty gross for a steak, just sayin
    I have a salamander, a wood fired grill and cook with gas.... sort of a food nerd...

    and i didnt say they used shit, i siad they cant afford to charge you for grass... unless we are talking Ruth Chris ( which has gone down hill) or Mortons, or Flamingos, or someone else that high quality.
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