I'm on Day-15 and have been very pleased how easy it's been to forgo the bread/rice/pasta/processed foods.

I read a quote from someone about eating "an outrageous amount of vegetables" and that is my mantra.

I've been following the eating plan closely, with a couple of short detours -- mainly when hubby and I socializing. I plan in advance what I'll be eating when we have dinners with friends, but one time our plan got way-off-track when our guests were delayed. The other time, I was planning for one glass of wine, but after sitting around for an hour watching everyone else get Happier & Happier, I dove into the wine bottle.

But on the whole, I've been about 95% on-plan and won't beat myself up about a couple of missteps.

We are enjoying the Fall weather in northern AZ and I've been outside alot, either on long walks, bike rides, or putzing around in the yard.