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    More on Coffee.

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    I know you've done a few posts on coffee as it relates to individual health, the heart, exercise effects, etc. But what about additives, global economics, organic vs. chemical-laden versions, fungicides, pesticides, etc.? With so many of us here who drink coffee, a little further guidance about what's going into our cheap or higher-end coffees would be very useful. Some people might still be buying Folgers and Yuban, while others sneak into ritzy markets and pay for the super-hippie stuff - but a few might be overpaying for coffee masquerading as high-end while it's just, to cross terms, "monsanto, grain-fed, CAFO, etc." coffee. How can I know I'm getting clean beans?
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    Google it? How do you figure Mark and the worker bees get their info? If the topic is dear to you it may not be worth the wait, right?

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    I just buy organic beans from Central America, and I react badly the least to these kind of beans.

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    I found my certified organic beans online. I brew up a few mugs of espresso per day in a low tech stove top espresso pot. The coffee, even drinking that much, runs me about 62cents/day (cream and/or butter cost more, of course) and it tastes better than anything I've ever had in a paper cup with a green logo on the front.

    But, I'd like to know coffee's good and bad points also. I think it makes my brain work better, but maybe my brain is just telling me that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    I just buy organic beans from Central America, and I react badly the least to these kind of beans.
    Where are they sourced from specifically?

    I'd really like to find some awesome coffee. I don't drink it often, but when I do, I'd like it to be badass.
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    why do you think they are not clean?

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    Starbucks is my favorite coffee shop in USA . I love this shop very much , their coffee is amazing and they provide excellent coffee service to people. I am really impressed by their service and they are very friendly . Coffee beans are most important part of coffee to make it more desirable and tasteful.
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