I've been perusing the Gut Sense website (at work, no less - yikes) and am having trouble locating a section/page where he clearly and concisely lays out what NOT to eat. If I understand correctly, it seems that raw veg is a no-no?

I've battled with constipation/painful bloating issues for at least the past 10 years and was hoping Primal was my answer; however, it seems that after incorporating lots of veg into my diet (primarily in the form of salad), my GI tract becomes discontent. Until coming across the aforementioned site/info, I never would've thought it was the salad's fault - but is it? I'd hate to stop eating salads (which I have daily, with lunch and a smaller one with dinner) if I'm off track.

Those of your familiar with the info, especially if you implemented Monastyrsky's advice and noticed an improvement in the way you feel, etc., please share you wisdom & experiences.