Hey mark,
Giving the primal diet a real go. Today's lesson mentioned not doing fast food, from your readings I get your a in-depth researcher.
From a newbies perspective I wouldn't be so quick to throw fast food under the bus. My food for thought-

Look at the Wendy's web sight, (A) grilled chicken with out the bun ask for extra lettuce (b) chili Made fresh daily (c) salads chopped fresh daily (d) fresh 100% north american beef no bun ask for extra lettuce.

The cost of the primal diet is expensive from a dollar stand point and controlling spoilage. I feel Wendy's can help mitigate these costs with their fresh choices, single portions and $$$ value.

Convenience is not a luxury, most of us don't have time to pick up road kill and properly process and prepare it ( some humor here), were busy working to pay bills- Wendy's is a best second option if you chose right

Mark I challenge you to give this some thought form your average readers perspective, and I would enjoy hearing any thoughts you may have.

Tod Eland

1.5 acre garden, self caner, 32 head of bison, 3 Wendy's restaurants