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Thread: Relatively new and looking for advice, tips, and suggestions!

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    Wow you're doing well! I wish my week of food looked like that!

    My 2 cents for the bulletproof coffee is that full = good, especially when we're still fighting urges and habits to eat stuff we shouldn't. I also wouldn't eat more just to eat more. Eat until you're full then stop. Obviously that's been working for you. Once you're done with the plantains I'd trade out onions/squash/peppers fried in butter to go with the eggs. Plantains are addicting! (I'm a hypocrite, sitting here eating plantain chips right now.) Also, if you can get ahold of some good ones, avocado is great with eggs and a good fat source.

    To save $ and have access to more veggies see if you can get into a local CSA in your area (if your area has them, still, this time of year). Through the CSA social ties a lot of times you can get hooked up with other people/families who will then subdivide a half/whole animal with you. Also, if you let your farmers you've talked to know that in the future you'll get a half/whole but for now you'd take a quarter, if possible, sometimes they can finagle a hook-up for you.

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    HAHAHA! No kidding plantains are addicting! I haven't been having fruit but just happened to have 2 plantains so I decided to get them gone. I think it best I not buy any more of those anytime soon! Last week I ate an avocado per day up until Friday! I agree they are a great companion to eggs. I have four over on my countertop now. I didn't list them as a veggie though because I consider it a source of fat rather than veggie intake.

    Thanks for the tips on the CSA. We've had farmer's markets going on and we also have some great fruit stands and a fleamarket that regularly has local grown produce. I've had great luck finding deals through those.

    I made a mistake today of having an apple with my eggs and bacon and now I am regretting it. I have a headache setting in and I really just want to take a nap.... Oh the tragedy!

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    I recommended dropping the BF coffee as it is empty calories in my opinion as Jakey says.

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