we have been paleo for almost a year. Hubby lost an awesome amount of weight and is energetic and happy its been wonderful for us as a family. Still switching my kid over, every day is struggle, he is 8. Mostly because of his cravings for a treat, and secondly because family just feed him junk all the time if Im not there to regulate it *le sigh*.

But the reason Im starting a journal here is for myself. I have adult acne. Its terrible and ruins my self esteem.
It did get better when I first went paleo 12 months ago but didn't last long. I get cyclical acne along my jaw and on my cheeks, its painful and leaves scars. Im 35.

I relented and went on the pill 3 months ago and have health problems since ( kidney infections, bladder infections and some mystery virus probably due to immune system being funky). I have done two round of antibiotics so that along with the pill means my skin is currently crystal clear, but I feel like crap.

I've decided that being *this* sick, isn't actually worth clear skin So I've been brave and gone off the pill and vowed not to put nasty stuff in my body. Its really hard, kinda depressing.

Im hoping to clamp down a little on my diet and I dunno...cry when they come back?

I'll be doing some research and hoping to learn more from people here.

DIET: Lamb, Roo, Organic Chicken. Fish. Eggs (own chickens). Vegetables, lots of baby spinach, little to no potato. No grains or legumes. Fruit. (no shell fish, have allergy).

SUPPLEMENTS: Vit E, C and D ( I had a deficiency 12 months ago). I sometimes take fish oil.

I don't do cheeses. I rarely have butter. I have just stopped having milk in tea.

I recently began a caveman - not using moisturisers or cleansers, just a little water now and then. It was dry and flaky at first but after a week it was fine. Sometimes it feels a little dry after a shower, if that happens I used a little almond oil.

I used to use organic skin care stuff, but I found most of it too oily. Cleansers seemed to strip my skin and irritate my skin further. I tried everything from ACV to aspirin.

I'll be undergoing tests for PCOS. Would love to hear any tips/advice/suggestions. I'll share any freaky experiments I do