Im a 36 year old woman with a bloke, kids, chickens, a cat, and a dog, we live in south UK.
Ive put on 2 stone over the last year or so from sitting down recording music and drinking too much! I have been aware of the paleo/primal style of living and eating for a long long time, but never implemented it as a lifestyle.
I used to be supple, fit and a normal weight but I recently realised my weight was well over what it used to be and have kicked myself into action..given up smoking, cut out drinking apart from at weekends sometimes, cut out a lot of carbs from wheat, started exercising again. Ive been using a calorie/food logging site and unfortunately after 5 weeks I have lost not one single pound!! I was 160 when I started, and Im still 160 today! Im 5'5" and my usual weight was always 135lb, but even then I wasnt exactly skinny/lean. In my youth I did a lot of work and became very strong but it wasnt visible. I put muscle on very easily but struggle to get rid of fat. Im hoping cutting out carbs/wheat will help with that.
So I am here, hopefully to get some direction but mainly to focus on the fitness side of things.