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Thread: What about dairy and cheese?

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    Dairy is quite N=1. I'd remove it in the beginning for up to 30 days to see how you do without it....then consider reintroducing with cream and butter first.

    I never have overt issues with dairy, but I do feel just a tad better without it. Same with starchy carbs in my case. Gotta give everything a test.

    Robb Wolf did a show (or was it an article....) with Mark and when it came round to dairy Robb was basically like yeah, so I guess you can consider me that Paleo guy that eats Primal. Obviously dairy (high fat types) were on his personal list in limited quantitiy.

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    I seem to be mildly lactose intolerant so I stay away from milk and eat cheese very occasionally, which seems to work fine for me. Paleo is of the opinion that dairy is bad, and I've never really understood the logic there. Primal says its fine if you can tolerate it, but go for the full fat, ideally unpasteurised varieties.

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    Oh, you said it so well:-)

    I'm trying to avoid cheese while I lose some serious weight, but your idea is absolutely the best.

    You should have been at our Whole Foods today. They had a taster of some cheese with ale and whole grain mustard. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

    Using my somewhat limited self-control, I didn't buy any, but if you hear of a robbery at WF's around midnight tonight with only that cheese missing, you'll know who was there:-)

    Yeah, if primal easily included cheese in the place of meat -- and if cheese didn't just maybe trigger my migraines, I'd be thin and have lost every bit of weight I wanted to. Cream and butter are great, but they are NOT cheese.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    While I could go the rest of my life never drinking a glass of milk (and sadly, actually went years without butter), I love cheese. I would have found a way to rationalize and make it primal even if it wasn't in primal limbo. Cheese is a fermented food after all. I wouldn't eat those blocks of rubbery stuff or any cheese that ends in "z," but those nice gooey stinky cheeses from goats, sheep, and even cows - oh yeah. I give myself a cheese day every other week (at least). Big cheese day. Like that's all I eat that day.

    What was the question?

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