I'm not really trying to increase carbs or anything, since I feel great eating about 70% fat, work out hard all the time with no issues, etc., but I'm just wondering how people are getting like 200g of carbs eating Primal. I thought I ate a decent amount of carbs today (ate a couple of huge meals, lots of veggies, some berries, etc.), and when I plugged it into FitDay it was still a 60g carb day. I don't eat a lot of fruit besides berries, just the very occasional apple or banana on a heavy lift day, but even that is pretty rare.

I guess I'm just wondering where these carb totals come from that I see people post.

Side note: FitDay takes FOREVER to input all my stuff. Is there a faster site to calculate? I only put a day in every couple of weeks just to check if there's more stuff I should be eating, but it's a pain.