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    Root vegetables, fruit, fresh dairy. It easily adds up to 150 g if you don't eliminate it.
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    Potatoes, sweet potatoes, squashes, root vegetables, other veg, fruit, white rice, dairy, sometimes a little honey or maple syrup in a treat (masala chai with a touch of honey as an example).
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    Dates and figs can bump the total up quickly. Bonus that both of them taste good with savory items such as cheese or even ham or bacon. Cut date, remove pit, fill with cheese, close date and nom nom nom.
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    I stay pretty low carb, but the ones I do get tend to come from fruit (cranberries and green apple in a primal chicken salad most days), nuts, and very dark chocolate. I'm not a big leaf-veggie fan and I don't go out of my way to get them into my diet, so the plants I usually end up eating have some carbs -- usually sweet potatoes, avocados, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, onion, bell pepper. Sometimes a carrot. Then there's dairy -- I'm trying to phase that out, but I still put HWC in my coffee in the morning and haven't managed yet to get the cheese out of my eggs.

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    Yeah I don't eat a lot of fruit, so most of the time I get them from Root vegetable, mainly potatoes, cassava, or plantains because of their low fiber content (or so i've read) but not in a lot of quantities. Yesterday my professor gave me a weird fruit he founded in a tree around campus. Velvet persimmon or something, and tasted great so i ended up eating 3 of them. That might have up a little bit lol I got kind of dizzy.

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    raw milk!
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    About the only way I can get my carbs above 50g is if I eat sweet potatoes. The main fruits I eat are berries, and occasionally an apple. I don't like bananas at all.

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    It's so easy to get 200 g carbs a day just by eating starchy veggies. I rarely go up to 200 g a day. I think this also depends how much you weigh. If you track your caloric intake and trying to lose body fat it's hard to get up to 200 without compromising the rest of you macro intake for the day.

    Personally for me I feel the best at 100 to 150 a day sometimes just under 100 but never at 50 or less.

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    here's a typical day's worth of carbs for me

    it's not hard to reconcile the pyramid with carb-dense foods.
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    I eat a little but not eat much fruit. Since fructose is the key to turning on the fat storage switch, I usually choose fruits low in fructose. Most of my starchy carbs come from tubers like baked white potatoes since eat out most days. I'd prefer baked sweet potatoes but no restaurants around here offers them. So the later is mostly eaten at home. Right up with there non-starchy veggies. I eat a lot of salads, broccoli, and cabbage. I don't eat much legumes, including green beans and peas. I might eat a few corn chips and a little rice at a Mexican restaurant.
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