Hello everyone,

I've been following a roughly Primal diet for over a year, but have only just become very strict and got rid of the sugar completely, except for dark chocolate. I've been pregnant and had a wonderful natural birth during that time, and my daughter (who is exclusively breastfed, she's three months old) will be getting primal goodies right from the start. I'm so excited for her.

I live in East Yorkshire, England. It's a bit of a "backwards" place, which means not many people know about Primal living (none that I know of), but it is very easy to get great pastured meat and eggs, as there is a lot of green space here.

My husband is just getting into the benefits of a really primal lifestyle and it's helping him put on weight. My daughter actually has the weight of a six month old baby, but she's not fat by any means. She can already roll from belly to back and vice versa. She's an incredibly strong little bub, and I'm sure this is down to the awesome primal milk she's getting.

I have a few questions:

My husband would like to bulk out. He's almost 6ft and 142lbs, which is skinny for his height, but he has some good lean muscle. Is his best bet to up the protein and fat, simply, or should I be feeding him plenty of carbs, as he burns it so fast? We both have an awful "carb history", sugary cereal as kids and such, so is it best for him to be low or high (by primal standards) on the carb scale? He currently has a coconut cream smoothie, lots of yogurt and berries in the morning, then bacon, eggs and sausage late morning, and meat and veggies at night. Usually some snacks too, a banana and some jerky. Is this too much in carb load? I also eat as much as this, but have been getting light-headed. Should I up my carbs or my protein? I'm 5'5" and 130lbs.

Thanks to anyone for any advice. Happy to be here!

Here's our primal girl, Summer: