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Thread: Thyroid question

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    Thyroid question

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    Made a call to a doctor to send my mother for a full thyroid panel (Free T3, Free T4 etc) and he refuses saying that she doesn't need it because she only has hypothyroidism. How can I make the doctor send her for the test? Anyone has any experience with that? I am pretty sure it will be hard to find a doctor to prescribe Nature Throid.

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    What the hell?! I am not an MD, but that makes no sense. Because she "only has hypothyroidism"? How do you know if your therapy is effective if you aren't measuring those things? I'd find a new doc. Maybe there is one more open-minded nearby. Here is one resoruce:

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    Get a new doc. That one's useless. God only knows what else he may've fucked up.
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