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Thread: Any one doing MovNat as part of their Paleo Training?

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    Yeah, it's cool. You'd like parkour, too, Canuck.

    Our toughmudder training team is doing yoga, parkour/movnat (same guys leading it), and possibly crossfit (have to talk to that guy). I think it all melds nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karma View Post
    I have a HUGE oak tree on my regular morngin run route. I often leap from the ground to a low hanging branch and race to the top of the tree as fast as I can. Great fun to be a little kid again and its a good all body workout.
    ..till you fall out of the tree..

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    I would love to join in (Running like Ayla does would be awesome!), but I lack the funds and strength to feel confident enough to do that.

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    I've always wanted to take a class. There was actually one in my city once, but the spots were... rather limited. And gone. Before I got there. WAY before. I really wish there could just be a book about it so I could get on with it already. I was raised to be a comp-sitter so most of those movements on youtube really doesn't come naturally for me... looks darn fun, though.

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    Yeah I do this. I haven't taken a course but I would if one were to be convenient for me, just so I can learn more technique. I'm quite good at it anyway.

    So much fun. You're gonna get stracthed, bruised, cut etc, and it can be quite dangerous(I almost fell down a ravine today lol), but that is not such a bad thing. I do Movnat stuff in conjunction with Gym ring work and various other BW things. I push and pull heavy things(like sleds), pick up and throw heavy things(like rocks) and so on. Get out into the wild and forget the gym, they're mostly BS.

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