I have been Primal since March. I've accomplished a lot of things in this short journey and I think I'm ready to tackle my next big obstacle: cortisol. I need to figure out how to get my cortisol to peak in the AM instead of in the evenings. Right now I think it peaks at about 8 pm because that's when I'm my most productive and have my strongest drive to DO something.

Recently, my mornings have been hell. Even when I prepare everything I need the night before, mornings are still hell because I have to get myself ready for work, get my son dressed and fed for school, and get my daughter dressed and ready for daycare (she eats breakfast at daycare... son could eat breakfast at school, but he doesn't want to because he wants to play with his friends instead). If I could get up in the morning and have myself ready before getting my kids up from their slumbers, I could concentrate more on focusing my son's attention to his breakfast and getting dressed instead of spending the morning rushing trying to get him dressed and fed and having it be chaotic and frustrating.

My ideal morning would be for me to get up early enough to get showered and ready (probably looking at 5 or 5:30), get my son up and dressed (ideally, 6:00), make him breakfast (ideally eggs and bacon and ready by 6:15-6:30), and be out the door by 6:45, ideally... of course, since my cortisol is all jacked up and all I want to do is hit the snooze button in the morning, it's impossible to make this ideal schedule work. And of course, if breakfast is ready and eaten by 6:30 he can watch cartoons without me yelling at him to get dressed every 2 minutes as he zones out at the tube, which is how things work now. He wakes up about 6:30, tries to watch cartoons and get dressed/eat breakfast all at once and it's non productive at best. The cartoons are on for my daughter who is usually already dressed and just waiting to leave. And heck, maybe I could even eat breakfast WITH him in the morning... It would certainly beat sitting my son down with a bowl of rice chex every morning, and I'm sure he'd approve of a different breakfast as well.

This is my ideal. And I'm sure this ideal would make my day so much calmer. Having a high stress morning is probably part of the reason my cortisol levels are so jacked... Because I can't get out of bed when I need to, so I rush around all morning long, yelling at my son to get a move on it so we aren't late, and end up late anyway... plus, I'd like to be able to get to work at 7:30 so I can either add a half hour to my lunch so I can get in a really good run and stretch or so I can cut out a half hour earlier. A half hour longer lunch will be nice when it's time to train for my next half marathon.

Right now, these are the irons I have in the fire:
1. Typical mom/wife stuff of keeping a household afloat (failing miserably with this one, but at least my kitchen is clean).
2. Work full time with a 2 hour round trip commute.
3. Taking two grad school classes that take up 8 hours a week minimum in class time alone. Next semester will look the same. Classes start at 6pm and end at 10 pm. I will be graduating (barring any unforeseen crises) in May.

I hope I've provided enough information for someone to adequately analyze the problem. I know I have too many irons and need to ditch one in order to find the best results, but the only one that can be dropped at this time is school and that's nearly done.

Does anyone know of a cortisol protocol or something out there that helps to fix cortisol levels? Or can you point me toward a good cortisol source? The weight seems to be moving along just fine as long as I keep fat high and carbs low, so I don't think that's a necessary focus anymore. I need to instead focus on my stress levels and reducing my cortisol output so I can function as a human instead of a fire breathing dragon in the mornings. I'm sure my son would be appreciative if his mom would let him get his stuff done at his own pace instead of rushing him... and my daughter could probably do without the chaos too.