Day 1, Step 1…

I suppose I should start a journal…

Why? I need to be held accountable for my choices and I sometimes need that extra motivation when I start to backslide that only comes from having your butt kicked by others who have been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

My primal journey started last June when my brother suggested that maybe I was letting myself go. Of course he waited until the chocolate chunk cookie was in my mouth before saying so! That wasn’t so bad, but the rest of my siblings agreeing with him kind of opened my eyes. What followed was some major self assessment on my part.

I’ve always been the big kid, husky, broad shouldered, built like a brick… well you get the idea. The point is I was often the fat kid. May as well call a spade a spade. I managed to shed some of the weight in high school but college was hell, late nights, beer, parties, beer, fast food, beer, junk food, beer, and suddenly the long lost pounds were back and worse they brought friends! I came out of college weighting more than I did going into high school! I struggled through my twenties and into my thirties. Always fluctuating between about 260 lbs and at my worst just shy of 300 lbs.

That’s where I started my primal journey. Within two months I was down to 275lbs. Feeling good, looking better and starting to be able to keep up with the active lifestyle I started to live again. Then came the holidays and eating out. Both my fiancée and my doctor have noticed the weight slowly creeping back on.

Currently I am weighing in at 282lbs and I want to see that start to come down again. According to my doctor if I don’t lose the weight any number of weight related illnesses could be in my future. I’ve been on meds for high blood pressure for the past 3 years. That’s about as far as I want the ailments to go.

My goals:

1. Lose the weight – ideally I would like to get to 180 – 190 lbs.
2. Get off the blood pressure medication.

So here starts the journey again. Day 1 step 1.

Breakfast: none
Lunch: 2 cups spinach salad with goat feta cheese, balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing and water
Snack: handful of almonds
Supper: Chicken breast (BBQ’d without sauce), homemade ceaser salad, raw veggies (Planned as I have not cooked it yet)

Age: 33, Height: 6 ft., Starting Weight: 297lbs, Current Weight: 282lbs