Are anyone else's VFFs too narrow?

I have really wide, short feet. Think Fred Flintstone and Donald Duck. I never could get girlie shoes even if I was inclined to. I developed neuromas between my middle toes as a result of wearing shoes that felt wide enough (very hard to find) but were really not and compressed my toes a tiny bit. The pain is like a knife in the ball of my foot.

So it was out with the old shoes. I got new Birkies, VFFs, and Speedo swim shoes (cute and very stretchy). I love my VFFs, but after about 3 miles I get a bit of an irritation in the ball of my foot. It just occurred to me that they are too narrow! Just a bit, but I need to stretch them.

Crazy, huh?

Now to figure out how to stretch them. They're the ones with the kangaroo leather tops. Any ideas?