I worked with the PT last week and I am integrating his suggestions. Along with the very good and reasonable ideas, he noted a wobble on the way up as I squat, and to correct it he suggested I bestride the thigh extension machine.

So, I will be using a thigh machine. Might as well throw in calf raises (not recommended by the trainer), I suppose, to achieve the full impact. I am preparing a peaceful meditation to go through with it. Kittens, daisies, butterflies. But hey, if it gets rid of the wobble, it will be worth it since the wobble looks silly as well.

To add to this he thinks I need to get into my transverse abdominal, so I will be attempting to learn the wood-choppers. I think it is actually a good addition, but in my experience the motions like this are hard for me to replicate well. I will try a few times, and if I can't get a hang of it, I am leaving it for the next training session with the guy. I would have kept the thigh extensions too, but i'd rather we spend time on the more productive moves.

All and all, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a very small crowd in the gym today.