Unlike others, I seem to have developed IBS *after* going primal. !!!

The short story:
- Serious bloating issues for years, but didn't realize it till I lost a bunch a weight and could really see how my belly could go from perfectly flat to looking 6 months pregnant in a day. I know grains made this worse, but it did not go away when I went primal in Feb 2010.

- August 2011, the serious cramps/runs started. It was rare, but always within an hour after a meal.
- Dec 2011 - I noticed a correlation with dairy, & dropped it. (Also, I noticed that more often, I had stomach tenderness in the area of the gall bladder.)
- Jan 2012 - I went from 95% to 100% primal 1/1/2012. Cramps/runs stopped, but the bloating didn't.
- Feb 2012 - I dropped FodMAPS, eggs, & nightshades, but no improvement in bloating. I tried a week of just meat, fat, & ferments, no improvement. I did GAPS Intro (again, seems I'm perpetually doing GAPS), negligible, if any, change.
- March 2012 - the cramps/runs started again. Got worse & worse till June. Sometimes it would happen at 1am, many hours after a meal.
- June 2012 - SICK and TIRED of eating nothing but meat, fat, & non-starchy, non-FODMAPs veggies, & added some other fruits & veggies for a week, while lowering fat. Bloating went up, thyroid signs got much worse, but ... cramps/runs went away! I looked up IBS and found many people saying fat made it worse. Cut fats, except increased CO. Good for a few weeks, then ... cramps/runs came back. I get them even if I have a meal with nothing but lean meat. Happens even if I eat nothing but well-cooked meat, well-cooked veggies, CO, & broth. Still have near-constant pain near gall bladder, but RUQ ultrasound showed nothing.

I NEED TO EAT SOMETHING! I need to quit writhing in pain after meals, too. What is going on?

(BTW, home-fermented foods, broth, fCLO, high fat, 100% local/pastured/organic foods have been my way of life for 5 years now.)

I appreciate ANY help here, including folks sharing whether or not fat plays a role in their IBS. I know CW is crazy against fat & I need the truth. I've read every thread I can find on here about IBS, but almost all is about how primal cleared it up. (I don't think primal caused this; I think it's a result of the decades of gut abuse prior to going primal.)