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Thread: Hey you, enjoy life

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    Hey you, enjoy life

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    Imagine you were diagnosed with an incurable disease today, you'd start to think a whole lot different about life.
    Imagine you lost your leg today in an accident, you couldn't walk, sprint and lift anymore. You would hate yourself for complaining about "not feeling like exercising"
    Imagine you found out you had fatal insomnia, you wished you would have appreciated your good night sleeps you had before.

    I'm just saying, sometimes I can't stand hearing people being totally upset and complaining about the weather, or their clothes being dirty, that type of stuff.
    Just be thankful for all the health that's given to you. That's what I try to do. When I wake up after a good sleep, and start my delicious breakfast, and feel good physically, I realize how awesome life is and there's nothing that can kill my mood and I wish that feeling would stay forever.*
    This was extremely corny, but I think it's true, and I think there are way too many people not knowing what they got.*

    Just something to cheer you up

    well then

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    Birkenstocks & hairy arm pits.
    I once heard that in some really horrible places on the planet, due to lack of water and nourishment, women were so dehydrated that they didn't produce tears when they cried over their dying children.

    Makes me feel really stupid when I complain that I have to drive out of my way to find organic ____fill in the blank___.

    OTOH, kvetching can be cathartic.

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    I think it is human to gripe, but it's wise to be able to let go of the complaints and move on.

    By the way, Gadsie, you're doing really well, you know that? I just thought I'd mention how much you've changed from the anxious young guy who first came here. It's pretty cool.
    “If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” --Audre Lorde

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    Honestly i have begun to truly feel how fortunate i am.

    I am able to heal...... for me that means

    buying about 300$ worth of supplements monthly

    Eating ONLY grassfed beef supplied by my local farmer the next county over ( thanks Jeremy for the 1.5 cows this year)

    Having enough stevia to drink sweet tea and lemonade daily

    Buying Coconut oil 5 gallons at the time

    Having a commercial Ice maker to supply my ice baths

    Having a red light for after sunset to still read by

    Having the ability to construct about anything i can conceive of ( last night i built a sauna/ sweat lodge out of drop cloths and pvc pipe and firebrick)

    begin intelligent enough to hold all the knowledge that it has taken to get me to reduce 187 pounds in 2 years after struggling for over 29 years to accomplish the same goal.

    Having support mostly unexpected from some extremely brilliant practitioners. ( thanks, John Sherman ND, Lois Fowler ND, Steven J Mangine PHD, Albert T. W. Simeons MD, Louise L. Hay, Ayya Khema, Plato, Mark Sisson, Larry and Andy Wachowski, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Kruse, Unconquerable Dave, and some other personal influences not to be named)

    in the past my focus was on how far i had not yet come. lately thought i am simply thankful for what i am able to do...
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    That guy in the video is a trip.

    Yep, keep it all in perspective. Remember that somebody's always got it worse than you. That's what I tell myself.
    I'm retraining and strengthening my taste buds, one primal meal at a time.

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    I had a complaining, but I EATED it.

    People at work try to complain about the boss or their coworkers, and I tell them "We have jobs, INDOORS, with official breaks, health insurance and free coffee. You don't get to complain until you're stranded in the desert drinking out of a leaky cactus. Save it."
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    I think it is human to gripe, but it's wise to be able to let go of the complaints and move on.

    By the way, Gadsie, you're doing really well, you know that? I just thought I'd mention how much you've changed from the anxious young guy who first came here. It's pretty cool.
    I haven't been around as long as some of you, but I noticed this too. Great Gadsie!
    Female, age 51, 5' 9"
    SW - 183 (Jan 22, 2012), CW - 159, GW - healthy.

    Met my 2012 goals by losing 24 pounds.
    2013 goals are to get fit and strong!

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    I used to complain, a lot. I also used to have a terrible temper, be incredibly defensive, and very shallow. I am still all of those things sometimes I guess. But I recognize it now and correct myself and change my attitude immediately when I start acting like a bitch. I know it all stems from insecurity, so I have been focusing on making my life as awesome as possible to suck the insecurity out of my life that's the best plan I have come up with so far!

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    Hey Gadsie!

    I think you have acquired a huge nugget of wisdom at your young age that some never manage to find. Good for you!

    (Re happiness - I find it much easier to be happy, though, when a. the factory fats are out of my diet b. the omega-3 levels are up, c. I have had enough lard with dinner, and d. my candy dish has a few chunks of dark chocolate in it! )

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    Wise beyond your tender years indeed.

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