Me and my class got this assignment where we had to make a training for ourselves which we would follow for 6 weeks. Most people did stuff like "I can run 3 miles now and in 6 weeks I can run 4 miles" or "I can do 200 10lb bicep curls now and it 3 weeks I can do 300". I was like, "great I don't really have to do anything because I'm going to the gym anyway". I chose to track my deadlift progress. at the end of these 6 weeks I could deadlift 220lbs. So I wrote my "training I know in america new borns can deadlift 300lbs but my "teacher" didn't believe I could deadlift 220. So the next time he took a bar and plates with him and I had to deadlift. We also had to track our food intake for a week. He asked me why I eat so much fat etc. so I explained and he became interested and now he said he's going to do some research for himself
That is all.