than I thought!
After reading throught paleo/primal I thought I had found the solution for my weightloss, but things are probably not as simple as I thought they would be!
Me: 5.7, 47, 150, female. Struggling with my weight since being an adult. I lost about 20 lbs last year, due to a stressfull divorce, gained back about 10 since. (I more or less stopped eating all together last year, just wasn't hungry)
I've been glutenfree since three years, after I discovered it was just so much more confortable in my tummy, sometimes cheating a bit, but paying it afterwards.
Processed foods have never been important in my life, I prefer salty stuff to sugery stuff, so since a month, I've cut out all suger, all grains, most of the dairy (a bit of hard cheese sometimes), most alcohol (a bit of wine sometimes), legumes.
I'm trying to eat around 1500 kcal a day, I'm not overly active, but I like to hike and often go out for 1 - 3 hrs 3 times a week with my German Shepherd, walking pretty fast.
I have been tracking my food for the last week or so, and have been amazed at the amount of fat I'm eating.....around 100 grs a day! This may sound quite good for all of you, but what amazes me is that I'm not adding much fat to anything. I eat eggs/spinach for breakfast, this morning only 1 egg, since I'm not hungry. Lunch will be a big bowl of steamed cauliflower and spicey ground beef in homemade tomato sauce, and that alone brings it already to 50 grs of fat for today, I will have to plan dinner carefully!
I may have eaten a lot more fat/protein a month ago, when I wasn't tracking my food intake yet, I read no counting of calories...... man, did I eat! Loads of meat, veggies and fat....... Oops?
My goal is to lose about 10 to 15 lbs again. There is just a little bit too much flab on my abs..... I'm pretty toned for the rest, have loads of energy, feel great in general, just not losing weight yet....
My food intake, as I said, is about 1500 kcal, trying to stay below 30 g carbs (difficult, even just with vegetables according to myfitnesspal), around 90 g fat and 75 g protein. Does that sound ok with you? I have not lost anything yet, since a month, a bit frustrating.

Maybe I'm just being too impatient, and should be happy with the general good feelings and energy? What I have noticed, and what I'm very happy about is that my food cravings have stopped..... I'm happy to eat three meals a day, without hunting for snacks, just because I wanted something to eat, not because I was hungry.

I'll try to keep track of my food and post it here, if anyone has advice, I'd appreciate it!