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Thread: Bone Broth without crock pot

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    Bone Broth without crock pot

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    I just got done roasting my first whole chicken(3lbs). I was gonna cut it up.. but I went all primal on it and ripped everything apart with my hands eating as I went. I left a plate full of all the unchewables that looks sizable enough to make some bone broth from. I don't wanna waste it!

    I have just one bigger size pot. Can I leave it on the stove on low or something like that for a really long time? Is it okay if I can't tend to it? I want to break full force into this primal thing and get good at it. Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, you can leave it on the stovetop. I do the same as I haven't got a crock pot. You needn't "tend" to it, but I'd rather not leave the house while there is something cooking on your stove.

    You can read tons on the internet and on these forums about bone broth. Some people even make it in a pressure cooker, although there is controversy about it. What everybody agrees on is the following: let it simmer, not cook wildly. Add a splash of something acidic (for example vinegar), that will draw the minerals out of the bones. No salt at this point! Cooking time for chicken broth: 8 to 24 hours.

    What I like to add: one or two onions, bay leaf, some peppercorns, garlic. Salt later when the broth is finished. I use grey celtic sea salt for even more minerals.

    Good broth should gel in the fridge.

    Good luck!
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    yep! In the winter I leave a pot on our woodstove...smells up the whole house!

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    i dont have a crockpot so i always make mine in a pot on the stove. i prefer to keep it plain so as i can flavour it when i put it in stuff. all i do is bung the bones in a pot, add a splash of cider vinegar and then boil, turn it down to the gentlest simmer i can without putting the cooker out and cover. not sure on times, it just depends what else i am doing. sometimes i go out, turn it off and then reboil and simmer once i get home. keep an eye on it too to make sure it really isnt evapourating away.

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