You'll find a few threads on this system here - so make sure to look around!

I've been doing it for 6 months now. I started it and more-or-less followed it faithfully. I'm on stage 6 of everything except pullups. Being heavier than I used to held me back there. That, and 3x30 of horizontal rows is really a lot!

I've skipped on to step 3, but broke it into 2 progressions. I have a Lifeline Pull-up revolution to use instead of doing jack knife pullups. So I'm going to work up to 3x20 with 3 bands, and then 3x20 with 2 bands before going on to 1/2 pullups.

My hope is to be through step 6 on all 4 initial moves by Feb, so I can go on to bridges and handstands. This will mean idling on pushups, HLR and squats until pullups catch up.

I also do weights twice a week. I just finished a nice run using a version of Pavel's Power to the People (with RMP instead of side-presses). That blended quite nicely with the CC system.

What I also like about the progressions is that anyone can do them. I have my 8-year-old doing it with me (he's on step 2 - but progressing very slowly, by design, so that I can get him used to work outs and then work on form). He gets to see extra reps every week - and it's a fun time.

I also like that the workouts only take a short time - we're both done in 30 minutes together.

I think you'll enjoy it. But stay pretty close to the progressions and resist the urge to rush!