Primal pizza has been a difficult nut for me to crack. I tried a "fake flour" recipe and it turned out - well, I had to turn it into a casserole. Tasted okay though. And spreading toppings on eggplant or other veggies has been nixedin my house.

I get my produce at a place that caters to the hispanic market, and picked up a breadfruit. Never had it before, but I found this recipe: Vegan Breadfruit Pizza

Feel free to ignore the pumpkin seed "cheese" and the topping of carrot. But I'm intrigued about using breadfruit to make a pizza crust. Breadfruit is really high in carbs, and nutritionally it seems to be a lot like a potato. But I can't find any further info about anti-nutrients, phytic acid, oxalic acid, or whatevers. But - it's not a grain, and I'm thinking that the carbs are about the same as some of the "fake flour" recipes.

I'm not much of cook, but I was thinking about tweaking the recipe with an egg and a touch of coconut flour to help it stick together. Any ideas?