This echoes a few other threads, but I'm just wondering if anyone else new-ish to PB struggles to get enough calories and fat?

I've been following PB fairly strictly over the last couple months, and before that had got most of the way myself until I found MDA. Since following it more closely I've lost maybe 6lbs very easily (and weight loss was never a major goal of mine, more getting a bit fitter and leaner).

But - although I don't feel hungry, and eat when I want to - I feel like I'm starting to lose a bit too much weight for me, and not getting enough calories and struggling to eat enough fat.

I have a pretty busy life and generally up at 5.30 for work, and often dashing around. It just seems that with cutting grains, I haven't found a way of replacing those calories properly!

I've been feeling really under the weather this last week, hoping it is just a bug rather than diet related.

This is a bit of a ramble, and just need to knuckle down and eat more avocado/steak etc, but seem to be struggling with it at the moment!!

Has anyone else found the same problem?