Here goes:

Since the age of 15 I have been gauging my self-worth on my appearance; my weight, specifically. Where it all comes from I don't know. What I do know is that, at age 47, I'd like to make some permanent changes. I've come a long way since my teen years, but that love/hate relationship with food still exists. I was an eating disorder child of the 1980s (anorexia, then bulimia for 20 years), and replaced bulimia with chronic cardio and fasting about 10 years ago to deal with the binges. Not much healthier of a way to live, that's for sure. It has led to choices of isolation from friends and from my spouse as I hide to continue my love affair with sugar. On the outside, everyone believes I am this confident, strong, athletic, intelligent person. Oh, am I an actress or what???

Not sure anyone is going to read this, and honestly that is not my goal. I'm not a comic, nor am I particularly insightful or schooled in Primal Living. This is a beginning for me; another beginning. I've given myself "Day One" or "First day of the rest of my life" so many times it isn't funny. However, the past 2 months have been both eye opening and difficult.

I started my PB journey in July 2012 during a trip to South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. I ate a ton of beef and few carbs on that trip (cattle country!) and felt FANTASTIC. Tons of energy and greatly reduced bloating. Despite eating out most every evening and sitting in cars for hours at a time, I lost weight and slept well. It made me think, led me to the computer to research, and resulted in me being here laying myself for whatever comes next.

Since cheating and hiding are main stumbling blocks to getting better, I am going to use this journal to post what I am eating and how I am staying physically active. I have a private journal, but "private" means I have nobody to hold me accountable. That, my friends, will be your job if you choose to view my journal. I thank you ahead of time.