Evening, Groks!

I'm preparing for an endurance exam in January in the Army for enlistment. It's a typical 3000m test. I also just got mailed that I'm also up for a thread mill cardio test in three weeks, and my cardio is not great at all, I would guess I'm a little below average. I practice calisthenics and I've just started with Yoga. I would say I'm in shape, but as I mentioned, my cardiovascular thingy is not to brag about. I'm not a fan of jogging and long distance running. I'm more a sprinting and interval guy like the typical grok. And I have experienced its mighty benefits. :P

Then I wondered if anaerobic exercise, HIIT and all out sprinting has the same benefits for your endurance and aerobic gains... I hope that it's superior, since i sprinting has so many other benefits over jogging and running. I've read Marks' articles on sprinting, and he doesn't mention anything about it either, I also looked at the marathon texts...
I've googled the topic, and there was not much to read. I don't think this is discussed a lot either.

What are your personal experience on this? Developing long distance endurance with sprinting, instead of cardio. Or is the old saying that you'll get better at something, if you do it a lot, correct here too?