Okay, so a week into the Primal Challenge and it's going pretty well. I feel better, I'm losing some weight and I don't have the cravings I expected for the grains and starches.

The one challenge, though, is something "interesting" to drink. I switched from coffee to green tea (the only way I can drink coffee is heavily doctored with creamer and Equal) and I gave up diet soda. (I used to drink 24-28 oz per day of Diet Mtn Dew). I've been drinking lots of water, but it's, frankly, boring.

Besides unsweetened iced tea, what are some of the other drinks that work for you in your Primal lifestyle? I'm just looking for something with a little flavor and variety -- but none of the nasty chemicals and other junk that go into the "flavor enhancers" that are on the market.

Any suggestions?