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    I'm not sure if this is properly primal, but I've been mixing pure fruit juice (not great I know) with sparkling water, maybe 20% juice/80% water. I find it very refreshing and more interesting than water!

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    I'm an herbal tea drinker myself and its the best source of caffeine. Perhaps try coconut water, just watch the carbs its pretty sugary
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    While I'm working I go through phases. I'll go through a month or two drinking black coffee all day and the rest of the time I drink green tea and then a gourd of yerba mate near the end of my work day. I'd highly recommend yerba mate if you don't mind looking eccentric and you want something other than tea of coffee.

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    Cocoa drink. I have already mixed in a glass jar 50gr cocoa powder with 50gr cinnamon powder. I use only 5gr of this blend in my cocoa drink and it is so delicious!!!
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