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Thread: Is Paleo nothing more than Atkins Diet reborn ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    I hate that they always leave out some of the most important aspects of the HEALTHY Okinawan diet of the previous generation (1970's).....particularly:

    --LARD LARD LARD (anti-inflammatory, lowers sdLDL-particles and %-sdLDL, increases particle buoyancy like other saturated fatty acids like lauric acid)
    True. There' was more to their diet than just carbs. The point was they're one of the many high carb cultures known for their health and longevity.

    Quote Originally Posted by BennettC View Post
    This article is contradictory. How is it a low glycemic diet if the diet is high in carbohydrate and low in fat? It isn't apparently. This article also reference the so called health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Watch this video, you may reconsider your high consumption of olive oil. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says but he has his facts straight.
    Olive Oil is NOT Health Food but Sick Food - YouTube
    I don't really use oils, and I doubt it's a smart idea to slather everything you eat in oil. However there is nothing in that video that convinces me that olive oil is bad when used in sensible amounts. Low fat vegans generally are not the best source of unbiased info on these kinds of things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott F View Post
    That's not quite right. Glucose isn't the problem but fructose is. Fructose increases cellular uric acid. That uric acid affect the mitochondria's ability to produce ATP making the person less energetic and willing to exercise. Effectively, uric acid is flipping a switching causing the person to put on fat. What might the evolutionary purpose for this fat switch? It's for putting on fat for the lean winter months.

    In the summer and fall months fruit and berries, also honey, was in season and our ancestors were sourcing this for calories. Bears, and other animals, are doing the exact same thing right now, trying to fatten up for winter. Now that people are eating fructose year round their body thinks is that time of year to put on fat for lean months ahead. Turning off this fat storage switch and turning on a fat burning switch is a matter of food choices.

    To lose weight then is mostly of matter of identifying all those foods that raise uric acid levels and keep uric acid as low as possible. Fructose is the main cause. Fructans are polymers of fructose that plants store for energy. Wheat is the primary source of Fructans in the SAD. Gut bacteria breaks fructans down into fructose....which you then absorb. Eating a lot of wheat gives you the Pillsbury Doughboy Syndrome. Another source that causes an increase in uric acid is brewer's yeast, the beer belly. And it doesn't matter if that beer is non-alcoholic. Umami foods, Krill for example, also raises uric acid. That's the uric acid mechanism whales use to fatten up for winter. So uric acid isn't simply a waste product but important biological signal for seasonal fat accumulation. You are partially right about glucose as it turns out concentrated sources of glucose (high glycemic foods) can be converted by the liver into fructose.

    Dr Johnson who just released his book, The Fat Switch, writes about all this and thinks the Metabolic Syndrome ought be called The fat Storage Mechanism. Johnson is the chief of the division of renal health and hypertension for the University of Colorado. This is their labs latest research and has been submitted to peer review medical journals.

    As far as Atkins goes Johnson would likely fall into the moderate fat and non starchy carbohydrate intake. What people are doing is eating sources of fructose (and/or drink beer) which switches on fat accumulation causing them to want to eat more and move less. Eating fat enhances the fat accumulation process. So the bacon cheeseburger (fructan wheat bun) with french fries (high fat and high glycemic potatoes), and large sugar/fructose soda is the perfect meal for turning on the fat switch and fatten up on.
    I would say you are right on the button!!

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