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Thread: Buying meat in bulk--how long does it last you?

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    Question Buying meat in bulk--how long does it last you?

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    Me and my fiancee are thinking of buying a half of a cow and half of a pig when the farm that we grocery shop at has them available next. I was wondering if any of you could give me a rough idea of about how long that much meat might last us? We eat a pretty low-carb diet--veggies and berries are basically side dishes and our main meal is always either eggs or meat or sea food.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Can you estimate how many pounds of meat you typically consume in a week? That, along with information about how much other meat you'll buy (chicken, fish, whatever for variety from the beef and pork), should give you a pretty good idea how long the sides will last.
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    Your best bet, along with what BarbeyGirl said, is to ask how the farm much meat you'll get out of "half a cow/pig".
    Size depends on age and breed, so your best bet is to ask them directly.

    Another thing to consider is what form are you getting it in.
    Will it be precut into pieces? Will you have to carve it up yourself somehow?

    I wish I had the freezer space for half or even a quarter of anything, but sadly I don't... So jealous!

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