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Sort of what I found. I will try to post. Might take two of them if it is too long.

5.00amto 7.00am is the time of the Large Intestine or Colon. This is thetime of the day for ‘letting go’ both physically and mentally. Onrising drink a large glass of warm water with lemon juice, you canadd some ginger to trigger the elimination process and prepare thebody for a good breakfast. Do some stretching, some physical activitylike walking or yoga. A good time to do the ‘Sun Salutation’ andwelcome the day................
More Interesting than I expected, will have a better look at it, but still need to rationalise that "Main" meal timing.
TCM - Breakfast
Mediterranian - Late Lunch
Primal IF - Dinner,
So seeing as the Main meal is probably a pivitol point in the protocol, they contradict each other, but all good info if you take the time to pick through it.