I bought The Primal Blueprint at the end of August and just finished reading it this week. On 9/2 I started going grain free. I'm disappointed that I have not lost any weight or body fat, but I am happy to report that my hormones are getting balanced. I'm 44 years old and have suffered from hot flashes to varying degrees for the past 9 years. The hot flashes got progressively worse and were more than a nuisance or a good joke. Nothing I tried helped. Just two weeks off grains and I am almost hot flash free. That's the positive!! I also bought the Quick & Easy Meals Cook Book.

I have not completely given up sugar yet and I'm eating dark chocolate, in small doses, daily. Since I've had carb and sugar cravings for the better part of, oh, the past 12 years, giving up grains is is a good place to start. I'm working on giving up the sugar as well.

I really hope going primal will help me feel better and fit into my clothes once again. I've never been so "fat" in all my life. I exercise and "move" daily. I walk my three dogs, swim, occasionally cycle, kick box, lift heavy things, etc. I do not, however, sleep. I've had insomnia for 12 years (no, I don't have sleep apnea). I know sleep is crucial to good health and I've tried a variety of things over the years to get sleep, but so far, it alludes me.

Looking forward to learning from others at MarksDailyApple.
Rochester, NY
44-year old mom of 2 daughters, 3 dogs
Author, EMS Educator, National Speaker