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I'm pretty sure we're in complete agreement here. I can appreciate therapeutic ketosis, as ketones seem to benefit the brain quite a bit. Hell, my wife chooses to stay mostly ketogenic because it allows her more mental clarity for school. Whether the pill she's taking is the cause of her general fogginess is up for debate, but I don't begrudge her for it one bit. I only take issue with the perfectly insulin sensitive crowd insisting that ketosis isn't just a useful backup metabolism, but rather our optimal metabolism, and also that raising blood sugar (and insulin as a result) is a one-two punch that gives people diabetes. There's no support for such an idea outside of Good Calories, Bad Calories, and he misinterpreted/manipulated/ignored research and his theory isn't true. So...

Sometimes personal bias can cloud rational thinking. however most of the time Institutional Bias is the boogie man.

we live a a sugar saturated society. moving from the top of the sign wave to the bottom is concidered extreme.

however just consider this

Last time i looked we have only one method of converting sugar into fat. while we have about 6 to convert fat into sugar. additionally converting sugar into fat produces serious toxins which must be cleared from the system.

I do think that we are designed to exist on fat and protein. I do not begrudge anyone who can or chooses to eat sugar/glucose ( call it what you want. it is all sugar in the end) but i do think that they would be better off without it... after all only our brain requires glucose. the rest of the body works far easier without it...

A mans Fat should exceed his Sugar else whats a liver for