I started PB on May 21st of this year, weighing 186.6 lbs (5' 2") and feeling like primal offered the most reasonable answer to fixing that. I managed through following the diet to drop to 168.4 lbs by the first week of September, but my weight is creeping back up, even though I'm still doing everything right. I'm at 173.0 lbs this morning, having lost nearly a month of progress in three days. No explanation. I keep my calories in check (1300-1650). I have a physically demanding job that leaves me shaking with exhaustion on my way home a couple times each week, and yet I still manage to do as much of the pathetic pantywaist playtime bullshit as possible, although that will now stop in favor of real exercise.

I do not care about the purported health benefits of PB. Don't sell me on that. I'm willing to die ten years sooner, if only I can live thin in the meantime. I seriously do not care about any of that. I just want weight loss. Nothing else. As a Type I diabetic, diagnosed at age five, I feel like this diet may be utterly unsuitable for the condition in terms of losing anything more than water weight.

I really believed in this diet. No, it's not a lifestyle. It's just a very strict, incredibly bourgeois version of South Beach, which I once lost 30 lbs on, but could keep off because I couldn't eat bland food forever. I'm good at carb restriction when I'm motivated and feel like I'm making progress toward my one true goal: serious weight loss.

So here we go. I'm giving up PB at the beginning of October. I need to find another diet to switch to since I can't go back to eating gluten (the lack of brain fog helps me at work), but I want something that will give me the body I need to have a happy, good, worthwhile life. Any suggestions for something to try?