Yay! It has taken me months to get back. I ate primal for 2 years but only this May shifted to 60 % fat. My carb intake was always some what low but I was never truly fat adapted until I backed off on the protein.

I have had several bad races this summer. Bonking and feeling like I have had the crap kicked out of me.

I started making my own race nutrition gel with chia seeds, CO, and fresh squeezed OJ.

I ran a trail half yesterday and won my AG! It was a tough trail too and I felt fantastic and had an energy surge at mile 7-before I even took my chia squeeze. I also took 1 salt tablets at 7.5 and used a nuun in my water. I should probably take the salt tab a little earlier. I finished knowing I could run 6 or 7 more on the trail fine.

I know it is bad to crossfit and run too but I just could not give up the running. I have gotten heavier with muscle crossfitting and it affected my running a lot-still just eating primal with an emphasis on protein. Once I shifted to fat I have leaned out a little with more muscle definition-I look good but still could not run with strength and speed. I feel now I am really getting back.