Well, I'm a week into my Primal transformation and I had my first experience with eating out yesterday. I learned (the hard way) that it will take a lot more planning to stay successful! (I refuse to call things "Lessons Learned" -- if we really learned them, we wouldn't repeat the mistakes!)

After a great afternoon at Cirque du Soleil (talk about a bunch of fit, Primal looking people!), my family stopped for lunch before the long drive home. I opted for Panera, because I knew they had some salad options that would be the closest fit for me.

I ordered the Roasted Turkey Harvest Salad (with Cherry Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing) and an Iced Green Tea. I figured the green tea was a better choice than the diet soda I would have ordered in the past. Well, one sip of the tea and I realized it was sickeningly sweet! That's when I whipped out my phone, Googled Panera nutrition, and found out that the Iced Green Tea had 27g of sugar and 44g of carbs!! Needless to say, I dumped it in favor of some acai berry tea (unsweetened) with no carbs.

The salad was tasty, but the dressing was overly sweet, too. I looked that up and it has 6g of carbs (all from sugar). Not horrible, but not what I wanted.

On the bright side, the dose of sugar from the tea and the salad dressing showed me just how well my body is adjusting to the Primal lifestyle. The sugar tasted horrible, and it didn't take long for it to cause a not-so-happy reaction in my body (fortunately we were home by then). So that just helped reinforce to me that Primal is the right way to go.

So now I've learned that I need to do my homework before I order. Fortunately, many places have their nutrition information available online (certainly the national chains), so I can look it up ahead of time and see what the pitfalls are. I know Grok didn't have a smart phone, but he also did have to face the same choices that the Korgs have to today!