I'm almost a week into the new lifestyle and my body is finally starting to adjust. I stumbled upon it by seeing a coworker's copy of The Primal Blueprint. I was curious about it so I read up and decided to give it a go. I made huge gains from CW in the past (from 5'9 200 lbs at around 25-30% bf to 150 lbs 8-10% bf). After my new found fitness I had a major orthopedic injury which required much down time. After several attempts to regain the body that I used to have (often with much more effort and more scrutiny on my diet) it seemed like i would never get back (I guess there is a difference between being 19 and 23 lol). Loving it so far...Have not had anything out of the guidelines the 6 days I have been on board and look forward to the journey.