I have a daughter who has sensitivity to wheat. She is 9. She no longer gets eczema all over her body from eating wheat, so she believes she is cured. I now have a 6 month old son who at 2 weeks had internal bleeding from the wheat I was eating (and strangely I had not been eating wheat for a long time because of my daughter, and suddenly when I was pregnant it stopped giving me adverse affects, so i stared eating some, so it was strange when it hit my breast feeding son so rapidly.) because of my son's issues, I eat gluten free, dairy free, and cannot have bananas or cashews. Trying not to eat other nuts too often because of potential allergies developing. Limiting nuts makes this harder.

My daughter wants to eat bread all the time, particularly turkey and cheese sandwiches, pasta, and rice. She has been doing Ezekial bread for years, which seems less inclined to cause external symptoms. She is clearly hypoglycemic. I want to change her diet and have her go primal as well (want my husband to do it too). She wants no part of it, and wants to eat sugar all the time though we have talked many times about how it is not good for her. I can't do it without my husband's support, and I don't know how to deal with school lunches, going over to friends' houses, etc. She has been relatively trim all her life, but is starting now to get a little chunky now. I also don't want to make her obsessed about food or weight.

Has anyone worked on changing their children's diets and dealing with issues of them not wanting to change, and school lunches (she does not want things we can provide without bread, and my husband does not want the difficulty) and friend's houss? How much of a say should she have? What do I say to her so she understands how importnt this is for her health?

Any advice would be appreciated.