Hey guys,

I ordered 2 kinds of bacon from a local farmer where I live. It's all natural as in they don't give hormones to their pigs. So the packaging says that there are no nitrates added. Here are the ingredients:
Natural pork, water, salt, Sodium phosphates, sugar, sodium erythrobate, sodium bicarbonate and spice. This is on the peameal bacon. This is one is leaner but there's 4077 mg per 40 g. Isn't this a lot? Are these ingredients not paleo?

The sliced bacon have similar ingredients maybe except for the sugar. It also has a lot of sodium like 5000..? something for 64 g?

Is this normal amount of salt in bacon. eek? I don't know if I wanna be eating this? I can't return it now. Would washing it get rid of some of the salt? Does the salt evaporate once you cook it ? I already salt my food so I don't think this is healthy.