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Thread: Please help a complete and utter novice with strength exercises

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce.b View Post
    This simply isn't true. There are many equally effective paths to strength. Ask any good experienced trainer and they will tell you it's not the tool but the program and how you apply it. It's all about progressive resistance and pushing yourself. The tools you decide to use are the least important component of your program. Probably the most important aspect of any program is compliance. Find one you enjoy doing. It's so much easier if you look forward to your workouts.
    I used the term "efficient". I do not know what you mean by "equally effective" without the explicit mention of viable alternatives. You are right when you say it is the program and progressive resistance that matters the most. But any competently designed strength program realizes the best way to incrementally overload resistance on the compound lifts in the most efficient fashion is with a standard Olympic barbell and calibrated plates. What else is better at facilitating progressive overload than barbells? Medicine balls? Compliance is a given. No one here is saying people will get better at something they don't do. Don't get me wrong, squatting, pressing, and dead-lifting heavy is hard but one of the most intrinsically and extrinsically rewarding things I have ever had the pleasure to learn to love. I want to share my passion and insight of strength training with those who are also so compelled. I would feel sorry for anyone who would not look forward to squatting the equivalent of an NFL lineman for 5 reps with zeal, or experiencing the journey that entails.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy View Post
    My wife has started doing a very feminine version of shovelglove indoors with a six-pound hammer.
    That's awesome that your wife shovelgloves (its a verb now). The first time I heard about it was actually you posting about your workouts. I was intrigued so I checked out the (hilarious) website and it seems like a great workout! I was intimidated by the sledgehammer but I'm tempted to try the hammer version! I think that I might have to make that my workout tomorrow.

    Now the question is: what do I have in my house that I can swing around like a shovelglove/hammer tomorrow?
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    You might also try some dynamic modified isometrics for strength. Look for a book in martial arts stores, or Amazon, Dynamic Strength (older edition was Dynamic Tension) by Harry Wong. Costs about five bucks, more or less. This is great for strength but don't make it your only form of exercise.

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    So I went out and bought a sledgehammer... and strained a muscle in my back carrying it in from the car! Hmmm...

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