Hello everyone

I've been reading MDA apple for a while now, soaking in the information, but I haven't really been ready until now to try to go fully primal.

Some background...
I'm a female in highschool. I'm not overweight (5'10", 135 lb) but after reading all of this for so long, I realize that this is a better lifestyle for the long term. I don't have too many physical issues except for unstable shoulders and knee pain that 5 months of physical therapy and several doctors have not been able to fix. Since I've started to up my vegetables and meat it's gone away a bit, but it's still present, mostly when I run and sometimes doing squats or lunges. I'm a polevaulter, so most of my workouts already fit with the primal lifestyle (weightlifting, sprints etc.) I love working out (not running, I hate running) and I currently go to polevault specific gymnastics strength training about 3-4 times a week. I have a very full courseload and I have a busy schedule. I usual day for me is waking up at 5:40, taking a shower, getting ready and making lunch, and then leaving for school(driving) at 6:50. After I get home from school at 4:00ish I get a snack and then I generally do homework until I have training at 8:30. On nontraining days I'll have a free hour or two. I don't walk as much as I should, but it's hard, when I don't have a ton of time.

I only eat free-range meat as a personal choice. I just can't eat meat knowing the animal had to suffer too much beforehand. My family has been pretty helpful with that, but I still don't have as much meat as I'd like to be eating. In a two week period I'll probably have fish two times and other meat once or twice. I love eggs, and go through probably a dozen a week. We usually have vegetables at my house.

The exercise and playing is easy for me, because I've been doing it anyway, but I've been having trouble with is the food. I love most primal foods but I'm still having issues with grains and sugars. If I lived alone, I could just throw out all of the bad food, but since I live with other people that's not an option. My parents would definitely not embrace this lifestyle. I've brought up some points in the past from articles I've read but they don't want to change their beliefs. I also love to bake and that's been an issue. I know I can bake with almond flour, but my parents won't buy it for me when they think normal flour is fine (and much cheaper). I can't buy much food myself, because I have limited funds. For breakfast, I usually have eggs in some shape or form and I'll pack a lunch with things like salad, cucumbers, peppers, apples, carrots or leftovers. Dinner is hard though, because I have to eat what the family is eating. I've been trying to modify our meals a little bit, like last week we had crab rolls and I just didn't use the bread. However, if I don't eat things that I used to love though, like garlic bread, they question it. I don't want them to think I'm anorexic or anything, when I am most definitely not.

So yeah! I figure with the challenge underway, now is a good time to fully begin! If anyone has any advice for a newbie like me that would be great! I know I've got it easier than most, not being overweight and living fairly healthy already, but it's still a challenge. I've read a ton of articles on here and other places so I'm fairly well educated, but it's a lot harder to actually get going. Thanks!