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Thread: My Before & Almost After Pics - 135lbs. Gone! page

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    My Before & Almost After Pics - 135lbs. Gone!

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    Hi folks & fellow Primal Blueprinters,

    I am a converted Very Low Carber (sub 10g per day) - and have been a following the Primal Blueprint way of life for the past two weeks, since I read the book.

    As you know, the primal life is more than just how we eat - but that's not the point of my post. The switch from being a VLC'er to primal was an easy one regarding my food - I just upped my carbs to 30-50 per day and dropped decaf coffee and all dairy - at least until I reach my final weight loss goal, which is 2 inches off my waist - I do not care what the scale says.

    I have come a long way. In 16 1/2 months, I have lost 135 lbs. and 16" off my waist.

    I have never counted calories.
    I have never weighed an oz. of food.
    I NEVER went off my plan since day one - This is a lifestyle not a crash diet or quick fix
    I busted my ass at the gym

    Now my exercise consists of Stronglift's 5x5 program 3 days per week and low intensity cardio with intermittent sprints 2 days per week.

    The shirt I'm wearing in today's pics is a little big on me so it doesn't exactly show my definition and muscle gain from paying my dues at the gym.

    The list of health and other benefits I have achieved from this transformation are too long to list at the moment but if anyone has any questions regarding my food, exercise, lab work, etc... feel free to ask away!

    Late 2008 at 360 (mortifying & miserable) pounds - 48" waist

    Today (4/2/2010) at 225 pounds - 34" waist

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    Wow that is awesome. Congratulations!!

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    Greg, that is out of control. What an epic transformation! The shirt in the "after" pics doesn't hide much; you're clearly pumped. The difference in your face is incredible. Like other classic success stories, you look like you've become a superhero version of your former self. I have a few questions...

    Did you have much support at home when you decided to go low-carb, or did you have to go it alone?
    What made you go for PB instead of your previous VLC method? Have you noticed any difference in your energy or body composition in the short time you've been primal?
    I imagine people who know you have been blown away by the change. Any amusing stories? I got a compliment myself today when I came back from my run and passed a coworker I hadn't seen in a little while: "Damn, you working-out-people are craaaazy!"

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    Totally awesome!!!!!!

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    Congrats! Great transformation!

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    Awesome job Greg! You're a total inspiration!

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    Wow - amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    That is so much awesomeness Greg! Man, I am impressed as hell, in a completely sincere, and awed way.

    You sir are an inspriation, and not just because you've done what I aspire to do.

    I hope you're lovin' life right now dude! You totally made my day.

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    Wow, dude! Day and night right there!!! Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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