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Thread: Potatoes Bad, Sweet Potatoes OK. Why??

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    Well, besides being completely bland and needing extensive doctoring to make palatable there are the previously mentioned things. Nightshades is one thing, but from the "paleo" approach its a newer food item than the traditional sweet potato. If you are trying to reach as strict of adherence to the paleo principle and theory as you can you would keep em off the menu. If you have decided that current analysis and science satisfies you that they are safe and they HAVE been consumed in traditional cultures then you might include them. I exclude as many starches as I can in general....sweet or white. Not saying "never", just not a daily staple.

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    Well, coming from a guy raised in an Irish household (complete with broom swinging grandmother!), there is nothing wrong with them. Roast them, mash them, mix them with turnips, they really add something to any meal. And I could eat all of the potatoes I wanted without any ill effects. The desserts tended to get to me though.
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    Interesting, I've wondered about this too. I've been tossing sweet potatos in the microwave--and eating the skin, though I wash it--which probably isn't the best idea.

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    All food is on a scale of good/bad. Sweet potatoes produce less of a insulin spike than white potatoes. If that's something that's important to you, then yes, sweet potatoes are better. Not to mention, they also contain more nutrients.

    I don't mind eating white potatoes however. It's up to the individual.

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