Perhaps, CARBS are GOOD!!
You primal people can debate all you want, but the fact is that carbs have often been the primary staple of diets worldwide for centuries before this little "revelation" by Dr Atkins that caught on back in the 90's. The real reason we have such rampant obesity is because we have all become way more sedentary not just in the work we do, but the lives we live outside of our work. Technology has all but turned us into zombies. We spend more time on our asses staring at shiny pictures than we do on our feet for anything else. And now even dieting and "nutrition strategies" have become a sleazy marketplace of cheesy wares, just like the fashion industry, entertainment industry and the food industry itself have always been. Writing diet books is simply nothing more than the get-rich-quick scheme of the day.
In other words Carbs are just fine! Look at South America, people love carbs and obesity is scarce.