Before you come charging at me with pitchforks, please rest assured that I do love me some bacon, cook my eggs in bacon fat, and always stir in the fat that floats to the top of my home-made beef stew. However...

I hate fat and skin when I can see it, and I always have. It has to do with being able to visibly see it and being able to feel the texture of it in my mouth.

I'm the worst person to get chicken wings with because I will peel off the skin and use a fork to get the little bits of meat off of the bone. When I ate SAD, I would do the same with fried chicken -- peel off the crispy breaded skin and only eat the meat underneath. I cut every bit of visible fat off of my steak, pork chop, and chicken. If my bacon isn't 100% crispy (like, 30 seconds away from being black and burned) I will actually remove the fat from the bacon and only eat the pink-colored meaty bits. Being Puerto Rican, when we'd have a pig roast and my grandma would broil the pig skin (chicharrones) I would gag at the thought of eating that.

I've been like this since I started eating solid food, and for my entire childhood my mother would yell at me for "dissecting my food" as I would actually take so much time to seek out the fat to cut it off of my meat.

I decided after a few weeks of abstaining from logging my food intake online, to go and put in a few days worth of meals into a log. I found that I'm not eating enough Calories overall (usually around 1100-1300/day; I don't want to lose weight...) and although I stay under 100g of carbs and eat lots of protein (usually in the form of eggs, chicken, and bacon), I am significantly low in fat.

I have been going through about 2-3 cans of coconut milk per week on average, I cook with coconut oil and olive oil (or bacon fat), and recently finished off a jar of almond butter that I opened about 2 weeks ago. I see so many folks on the thread talking about pork belly and chicken skin... but the thought of eating these things totally and completely disgusts me.

Is there any way you fat-lovers out there can suggest for me to prepare things like chicken (with the skin on), pork belly, and other fatty cuts of meat so I can eat more? I don't think I can squeeze in any more coconut products without getting the shits. (Sorry if TMI!)