Here we go.
I started a few days ago, I am grain free for some time now (though i'd still enjoy some home made bread fried on clarified butter along with some eggs and meat), now I am more restrictive than I ever was.

I live in Poland so my food choices might differ, but i will sure share some polish recipies that are Primal
I must say that polish standard diet is a little different than sad, though we usually consume too much carbs and ever present bread (which here is REALLY tasty) ruins the profit that we might have from good quality meat, fruit and veggies.

I make my own mayo and ketchup so don't fret when i eat it

I will start with yesterdays food.

13/09/2012 (what a fine day to start isn't it?)

I. 4 eggs (omlette) on clarified butter (yup thats my favourite fat to fry on, the most delicious thing i've EVER eaten) nuts (brazilian) raisins and an apple
II. chicken wit tomatoes, onions and red pepper (a stir fry in a way)
III. salmon (wild, not farm ) with broccoli and mayo (my own mayo, the mustard i use to make mayo is without sugar, as for fat i use either olive oil or extra virgin colza oil)
little piece of one of the finest dar chocolates here on the market (Lindt, 90% contet of cocoa)

Excersise - just burpees, press ups and pull ups in the morning.

I am now commited to succeding, I still have some belly fat to lose, but is now closer than farther

wish me luck!