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Thread: Tips for dealing with traffic stress?

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    You could do a million things to make the drive less bad, but the biggest thing you could do is move closer to your job. Like, really close, so you can bike or walk there every day. You'll have way more time in your day (you're spending 2 hours of it in your car!), you'll feel better because you'll be moving more, and you'll be healthier. Unless you don't think you're going to be at this job very long, you should really consider it, especially if you're renting in which case it's really easy to move.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    Doesn't Portland have a bunch of crazy traffic as well? :P
    It does, but not on the same level as the silicon valley. Plus i only have a 5 mile commute, so ride to work a lot:-p back atcha!
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