OK so I've been primal for an entire month! Yay!

Been reading a lot in particular the forums, and then back to the web, to realize that I am probably the skinny fat kind now: I used to exercise loads, not so much now, and while I look good in clothes I hate wearing a bikini because my abs are spelled F-L-A-B-S and overall I'm lacking tone-ness. Somehow I thought I was still pretty fit because I used to run/do tris etc. My running has slowed way down, and it's been years actually. (Coincidentally since my son, almost 4 years ago!!!

Came to this realization in a funny way mind you; the forums were saying the bodyfat scale is BS, and I thought great! I better check my real BF then, cause I knew that had to be wrong (and so I wasn't exactly paying attention to it)... A couple nights ago, I ran not just one but TWO tape tests -- you know, to be certain -- and sure enough I'm made of 30% fat. Ouch. The scale wasn't far actually.

I started tracking my food right away!! And made some adjustments to reduce carbs and keep calories in check (i.e. replace carbs with fat, not just add loads of fat and keep eating fruit like it's primal in unlimited volume...)

My questions are: how long does it take to be truly fat adapted? I started playing around with IF, with my first 24 hour fast (convenient because on business trip and trade shows = crap food). All is good; or is it? Is IF worthless if you're not yet fat adapted?
How far can you push IF to maximize fat loss? What has worked for you?

I am 5'5, about 129 lbs, and I am trying to follow 120 g of fat + 50-60 g of protein + max 30 g of carbs daily, around 1,300 calories. I don't care to lose lbs per se, but rather cut my body fat - gasp - in half!

What are realistic results? I've read drastic results start almost immediately with the primal lifestyle when one is overweight -- does it take longer for skinny fat people then cause it's more a change in the makeup (body composition) than body weight?

As far as exercising goes, I'm following the BPF ebook; minus the pull up bar. Need to hook one up. Soon...

Thanks in advance for your advice!